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The Top 5 Must Have Garage Items

There are some items no garage owner should be without. Below, we’ll look at the best and boldest must have garage items for weekend warriors and everyday craftsmen alike. However, while it’s tempting to dive right in to upgrading your garage with the items listed below, it’s advised to contact a garage door installation Gilbert AZ specialist before starting any project.

  1. Plenty of Lightning

This may seem like a no-brainer, but proper lighting isn’t something many people consider when upgrading their garage. While most times you’ll be working on projects during daylight hours, there are some undertakings that will go deep into the night. And the last thing you want to be doing while working on an important task is fumble around with a handheld flashlight. Simple LED lights can make a big difference in your workspace.

  1. Storage Systems

must have garage itemsNo room inside or outside the home can get cluttered like a garage. That’s why storage systems are a must-have item. Overhead garage storage systems are a perfect solution for those who do a lot of work in their garage. These durable and great-looking storage spaces can hold up to 1,000 pounds. They are an ideal spot to stick seasonal items, such as sporting goods, Halloween and Christmas decorations, and summer and winter clothing.

Wall storage systems provide organized and easy access to items you use more frequently. You can hang garden tools, baseball bats, hockey sticks, brooms, rakes, bicycles, skis and much more using a simple pegboard. You can also use the pegboard to create shelves and cabinets for your workstation.

  1. Air Tools

Air tools are a must have for any craftsman. Though they do cost more than traditional, handheld tools, air tools will save you a great deal of time down the line. Rotating or replacing tires is a breeze with an air-powered impact gun. You won’t have to worry about smashing your fingers ever again with an air compressed nail gun. And in addition to saving time, the quality and accuracy of your work will be far greater.

  1. Lifts/Stands

must have garage itemsLifts, jacks and stands are a must have for anyone who spends any time working on their vehicles in the garage. They are a necessity for changing oil or rotating tires. When used properly, the jacks will stabilize the vehicle, giving you access to the bottom half of the vehicle and plenty of room to work.

  1. Bench Vise

A bench vise can serve as a third hand in the garage. Perfect as a virtual assistant on any project, a bench vise can hold nearly anything in place. They can also provide additional force if necessary. No matter the project, a bench vise can handle the job.

And while many today may not see an epoxy floor in the garage as a must have, we are sure it will be that way in the next few years! Epoxy Floor Pros in Gilbert can help you complete your garage so it becomes more than an after thought in your home.

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